End of year craze

End of year craze

Every year about a month before the holidays, I get this crazy urge to finish up my WIPs. Some years I am quite succesful, finishing up WIP after WIP.

This year. Not so much.

I even set up a little KAL in order to give me an extra incentive to finish up my second socks, but no luck so far. A couple of friends did persevere, resulting in some very pretty pairs of socks.

A striped baby vertebrae

I did finally finish a baby vertebrae last week. The recipient was born in November, so it kind of overdue. Luckily I made size 3 to 6 months.

Some progress on my cosy memory blanket

And I am very happy to announce that I once again picked up a 2 year old WIP (started in March 2016). It’s a memory blanket and, at this particular moment, I love working on it. I actually completed 26 squares in about a week. So proud.

My leftover sock yarn, sorted by colour

It’s rapidly becoming quite clear, however, that this blanket is never going to make a dent in my seemingly endless stash of leftover sock yarn.

Anyway, off to knit some more.

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