Dabbling in designing

Dabbling in designing

A couple of months ago, Sock Knitters Anonymous ran a DYO challenge over at Ravelry. Even though I was still in full-on Sock Madness mode, I decided to give it a try.

I started out with something I’d enjoy knitting: a simple symmetric design with a straightforward pattern repeat, yet still interesting enough not to bore me to tears by the time I’d reach the heels.
I’ve always had a fondness for twisted stitches, so it seemed like an obvious choice for a first design.

Walking through a Vineyard

In the mean time, I’ve really been bitten by the design bug and there are a couple of more patterns I’ve got up my sleeve. Next up there’s is a colourwork sock featuring an Icelandic design and after that there’s also lace pattern that will make its appearance later this Summer.

Walking through a Vineyard is available for free over at my Ravelry store “Dots Dabbles”.

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