A visit to Lanzarote

A visit to Lanzarote

So I just came back from a holiday to Lanzarote. To be honest, I hadn’t done a lot of research before hand because I just wanted a relaxing beach holiday. Turns out the landscape in Lanzarote is pretty unique, it being a volcanic island without any water springs.

A picture of the “lush” north of the island

In general this means the island is pretty much barren.

Timanfaya national park

The Timanfaya national park is definitely worth a visit, with its vast lava fields and almost moon like experience.

Weathered tree at La Geria

Actually, it felt a bit like being back in Iceland when we were there.  Except for the obvious lack of snow, glaciers, and waterfalls.

A small cactus filled garden on the outskirts of Puerto del Carmen

Of course, in the more touristy and inhabited part of the island, people do try very hard to make it a bit more green. I absolutely adored the cactussen and palm trees all around the plain white houses!

Bird of paradise flower

And I got a bit carried away taking pictures of interesting flowers and the like.

Great bougainvillea at the hotel

Obviously, I couldn’t spend an entire week without my knitting so I finished my mosaic marbles.

Mosaic marbles by Kirsten Hall

I also started another pair of socks and a pair of fingerless mitts when were there, ’cause you can’t have too many WIPs, right?

Now I’m back in Begium it definitely feels like Autumn here. Time to put all those knitted socks to use!

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